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Womail Planting mainly deal with business of Landscape Plant,Flowers plants,Fruit trees export trade.We can meet your large order, if our website without you need to plant,we will help you find you need of plants.

Terms of Service

When you place your order, you agree to the following terms:

Womail Planting (Company) guarantees that all orders are carefully packed and shipped to ensure your plant's survival through transit. It is extremely rare that packages are broken or damaged in transit. If this happens, please refuse the damaged package and the delivery carrier will return the damaged box to us for re-shipment.


We value your privacy and do not sell your email address to outside companies. By supplying us with your contact information, you agree to receive informational emails about your order and specials from www.fruit-trees-nursery.com, as well as from our related companies.For more information, please read our full privacy policy .

Womail Planting Limited Guarantee:

We guarantee our plants to be true to type and in healthy condition. Due to the nature of buying trees and shrubs, you are buying a root system and trunk that will quickly develop into an established part of your landscape. Damaged leaves are not covered under this warranty. This is a cosmetic issue that does not affect the health of the plant. It's a natural way that trees and shrubs protect themselves when exposed to heat or darkness. Just trim off any yellow or dried leaves and new foliage should start growing.

Deciduous trees will typically have minimal, or even no branching when young. In fact, we prune branches from juvenile trees in order to promote faster growth and higher branching later. This makes for a skinnier looking tree now, but one that will be taller and properly branched out in one or two seasons.

We have been successfully shipping plants across the Australia, Italy, USA, Japan, France,Panama,Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Lebanon, Canada, Denmark, Dubai, India,Spain,and other different countries for the past eight years. It's rare that a problem occurs. But if your plant arrives in less than healthy condition, you need to notify us within five days so that we can assess the problem and try to save the plant.

Please do not plant a "poor/damaged" plant thinking you can bring it around and then call us weeks later. Call us immediately. Otherwise a plant that could be saved becomes culturally out of our control and responsibility.

We cannot guarantee your plants from damage done by poor gardening, hungry animals, plants shipped out of recommended zones, human damage, extreme weather damage, overwatering, drought, insects, disease or poor soil conditions. Plants are living organisms that can die from a hundred different causes beyond our control. We're not a big-box store, who can offer plants at a loss or lure you in with unrealistic plant guarantees in order to get you to buy other merchandise. Plants are our only business. We go to great lengths to build mutual trust with our customers and guarantee that any plant we send out is culturally viable.

Here is how to determine whether your plant is dead or alive:

Scratch a small area of bark on the trunk. You can rub it with a coin or fingernail. If you see brown or black underneath, then the plant is dead. If you see green, then the plant is alive and will leaf out again. If the time is fall through spring, the plant is likely in full or partial dormancy. If the time is during the growing season, then the leaves may have temporarily dropped as a self pruning measure. This acts as a reset switch for the plant and is normally just temporary. Live material is not covered under the warranty.

Dormant Plants:

Most leaf-bearing plants go dormant or semi-dormant in the fall through early spring. These plants are completely healthy but may exhibit fewer leaves, browning of leaves or no leaves at all. This is normal and essential to the plant's health and makes relocating the plant less stressful. Planting during dormancy allows for root growth and a better start for spring, at which time new foliage will begin to grow. We intentionally keep our trees dormant longer in the spring and it is likely that they will still be dormant while your local trees are leafing out. Just give them a few weeks, and you will soon see new spring foliage. We will not accept a plant loss claim for dormant items until they have been planted in the ground and given adequate time in the spring to exit dormancy.Dormant plants are often pruned back, free of charge. This may temporarily reduce the plants size, but will create a larger, fuller plant in the spring.

Plants Information:

We cannot provide all the information of every single plant we offer. There is a lot of conflicting information offered from horticultural sources on the best zones for particular plants as well as what zone your particular area may be in. This makes it difficult to know exactly if your plant will grow in your environment. Buyers are responsible for obtaining all information not offered on this website. Our Growing Zone map is a guide, and does not take into consideration microclimates and extreme elevations. Other factors like wind protection, mulching and snow cover can also have an effect. If you have any questions about plant hardiness, contact your local County Agricultural Extension Office. Pictures and videos may not be of exact cultivar represented. Pictures typically represent trees at maturity, in order to give you a guide to how your trees will look in your yard, and are not the size or shape of what you will receive in your order. Younger trees are naturally thinner in shape and less branched than mature trees.

Growth Rates:

Womail Planting lists the growth rates of its products based on ideal growing conditions and generally published information. We make no guarantee for such growth rates. All plants are unique, and must be planted properly in a suitable environment and cared for adequately to ensure survival. Your results will be unique and will vary based on care, climate, soil, weather and countless other factors.

Spring Shipping:

Due to the nature of certain cold sensitive plants, it is best to ship them during months with milder temperatures. Spring shipped items are identified on their product page, as well as information on Northern States that ship in spring. Most trees and plants we carry can safely be planted year-round, but some Gardeners prefer planting in warmer weather. If you would like to receive a plant earlier than designated or delay its delivery date, we are happy to schedule what's most convenient. Just email us at stephen.ddr@gmail.com

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