Womail Planting-Specialty planting and Exporting Plants

Womail Planting mainly deal with business of Landscape Plant,Flowers plants,Fruit trees export trade.We can meet your large order, if our website without you need to plant,we will help you find you need of plants.


1) Concentration

Be absorbed in we are good at field, we have planting and fruit industry fully interpersonal relationship, concentrate on it are the difference between other nursery competitive advantage.

2) Enthusiasm

Always full enthusiasm, we believe that only full enthusiasm to communicate and work, will be achieve more understanding, that have endless opportunities for cooperation.

3) Honor

Services for customers is our pleasure,we cherish the cooperation with customers each link, with honor and gratitude mentality to promote both sides of the consensus.

4) Methods

Let method makes it more easy, we provide a variety of methods to solve the problems, let the customer's losses to a minimum.

5) Protect

We will strictly abide rules by the business, to ensure customer's rights and interests, protection of customer information not reveal.

We accept