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Aquilaria Sinensis

Scientific classification

Chinese Eaglewood is a species of plant in the Thymelaeaceae family. It is an evergreen tree, native to subtropical areas. It has specific aroma and tastes bitter. It will give out dense smoke and strong aroma with black grease when burning. The medicinal agilawood is slightly warm in nature with an acrid and bitter taste. It helps to promote the circulation of Qi to relieve pain, warm the middle to check vomiting, improving inspiration to calm panting. It is used to cure the chest pain, stomach cold, vomiting, hiccups, kidney deficiency, circulation of vital energy in the wrong direction, and dyspnea. Funguses invade into the injured trunk, then under the action of enzyme of the funguses, and the starch stored in the parenchyma cells will produce a series of changes and form baisam. Agilawood comes into being after years' of sedimentation. Aquilaria sinensis has dense foliage, and thick and shiny leaves. They can be used as garden ornamental trees.

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